Values of the Centre


The Centre for Creative Arts works through a spirit of team-work and collaborative engagement. Staff at the Centre in the nature of co-creation, co-production and co-presentation share responsibilities and assist each other in their portfolios to ensure the overall success of the Centre’s events and operations; and as such interns too while assigned specific tasks are also expected to assist with the portfolios of their colleagues in the spirit of teamwork and collegiality. We promote open communication and collaboration between and within teams and share information, knowledge, skills and resources.


Integrity is paramount to the Centre for Creative Arts. It informs everything we do and how we do it. We are committed to a high level of honesty, transparency and integrity when dealing with stakeholders, colleagues as well as Centre or University assets. We take responsibility for our actions. We approach every task and every engagement however small it may appear to be with passion.


The Centre for Creative Arts recognises that transparency and accountability are critical principles for building trust with the Centre’s stakeholder community; and we place prime value on strengthening relations with stakeholder communities through honest and reliable engagement. In the spirit of mutual co-operation and teamwork our Interns also participate in the Centre’s weekly staff meetings and are privy to both confidential and embargoed information related to the planning of festivals, scheduled artists, funding, etc. Our team treat confidential and classified information with trust, discretion and adherence to protocols.

Deadline Driven

The Centre for Creative Arts is a deadline-driven environment where the meeting of scheduled targets is essential for smooth operations, success and reputation of the Centre’s programmes. Such an environment can range from joviality to stress; and all staff including interns are supportive of each other, flexible in responding to crisis sand working towards seeking solutions to ensure that targets, deliverables and relationships are not compromised.


We embrace, value and leverage diversity and we ensure that all stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity.

Free Thinking

The Centre for Creative Arts encourages free thinking, creativity and free expression; and in doing so recognises that freedom of expression and freedom of creativity are not absolute rights. It is paralleled with responsibility, respect and tolerance. The opinions and views of all persons working at the Centre and engaging with the Centre is encouraged, valued and respected.


The Centre for Creative Arts defines itself as a trendsetter and leader in cultural practice and festival presentation. We demonstrate leadership and innovation irrespective of what position we hold at the Centre for Creative Arts and we encourage innovation, calculated risk-taking and experimentation while ensuring that in doing so that human life is treated preciously and with dignity, that scarce resources are valued; and that outcomes have a direct impact with benefits for the Centre and for all persons who engage with the Centre.