Centre for Creative Arts


Tips & considerations when filming yourself


  • Be sure to check your environment and remove any unwanted clutter.
  • A neutral, clean background is preferred.


  • Ensure that your face is more brightly lit then the background.
  • Simply face a window or sliding door with natural light coming in.

Eye line

  • As a general rule, try get your camera level with your eye-level, so the audience feels they are meeting you on the same level.
  • Try to look at the camera lens on your phone (make eye contact)
    Don’t stare at your face on the screen.


  • Ensure your mobile phone or camera is stable, preferably not hand-held – you may want to get someone to film you.
  • Please shoot in landscape format, NOT PORTRAIT (turn your phone sideways)


  • Please ensure that the message is recorded in the quietest environment possible.

Please try and reduce interference from cars, planes, birds, lawn mowers, cell phones ringing, dogs barking, etc.


  • Be sincere and feel comfortable.


  • Express yourself freely when you tell us why “Does Jazz Matter?”