Centre for Creative Arts

Valma Pfaff is a woman of Colour born and raised in Valma Pfaff Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa. She
spent her formative years living under the restrictive policies of Apartheid. This
shaped her view of difference and “otherness” whilst encouraging a personal
journey toward understanding. She was naturalised in Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada where
acceptance and tolerance is the norm. Living in Toronto , (the most diverse city in
the world), has deeply affected her view toward inclusion, diversity and equity.
With a formal education in Design and a BA from Rye BA from Ryerson University, BA from Ryerson University, in Toronto, rson University,
she embarked on a professional Interior Design & Ar Interior Design & Architecture Interior Design & Architecture industry path. chitecture
Whilst living and working in Montreal, Quebec, Montreal, Quebec, Montreal, Quebec, she was introduced to the
fascinating world of film. It was a natural transition to ART DIRECTION from DESIGN ART DIRECTION from DESIGN
and her film career was born. She has worked as an Art Director in Cape Town for Art Director in Cape Town for
over 20 years, with companies such as; Moonlighting Films, Film Afrika Films, Film Afrika Worldwide, Worldwide,
and various international commercial production houses. In Toronto, she worked ses Toronto, she worked
with YTV, CITY TV, BRAVO TV, ALLIANCE ATLANTIS & Women in Film and Television,
whilst receiving training through the Directors Guild of Canada.
Currently she has 12 FILM projects in development, and a talent management
company called THEHOTLIST021 THEHOTLIST021 THEHOTLIST021, offering services to the underrepresented. Her
recent appointment as DIFF Manager through the Cent DIFF Manager through the Centre of Creative Arts @ re of Creative Arts @ UKZN,
represents the culmination of disparate skills acquired over decades of travelling
and working around the world, and promises to be her Magnus Opus. Film as
Hybrid offers revelation, blending the ordinary with the global.
She is invested in Inclusion, Equity, and brokering relationships and partnerships to
advance efforts toward the destruction of poverty. Sustainability, a celebration of
Matriarchy, and support systems for discourse to end violence against women and
children, are her goals. She enjoys meditation and YOGA, philosophical discourse
and spending time with her furry family on the foothills of Devils Peak.