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King Kong: 60 Years Later

Presented by Adam Glasser

The legendary 60’s musical King Kong has always been part of London based South African harmonica player & pianist Adam Glasser’s personal history. As a child he saw dress rehearsals in the Wits Great hall before the cast left for London in 1961 with his father Stanley ‘Spike’ Glasser, their musical director. Adam’s mother Mona wrote the only book ever published on King Kong. As a Johannesburg teenager Adam was drawn often to Dorkay House to seek out original musicians from the King Kong band, and has a particularly strong memory of meeting Mackay Davashe and then attending his funeral in Soweto just a few days later in January 1971. Adam Glasser presents his popular lecture reflecting on the musical 60 years after its staging.


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Apr 27 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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