Ekow Duker

Ekow Duker is an oil field engineer, turned banker, turned author, with a heartfelt passion for writing. He enjoys a dual Ghanaian and South African citizenship, which allows for a certain ambiguity in outlook, except for when the national soccer teams play against each other and he has to declare a preference. His time in the oil industry took him to the fetid swamps of the Niger delta and the harsh expanses of the Sahara desert, with lengthy stopovers in several countries in between. The most rewarding part of this decade-long adventure for him was the insight he gained into the astonishing similarities that exist between disparate cultures. 

Since leaving the oil field, he has worked mainly as a corporate strategist. Duker regards himself as being extremely fortunate in that his work draws heavily on storytelling as he believes that when one tells an intriguing story, whether with numbers or with words, the listener is compelled to look at the world differently. His careers, wildly different though they may be, have taught him the discipline necessary to persevere in his writing journey despite numerous setbacks and rejections along the way. Duker was lucky enough to sign a three-book contract with Picador Africa, an imprint of Pan Macmillan in 2014. His first two novels, White Wahala and Dying in New York, were published simultaneously in July last year, and the third manuscript is underway. Duker enjoys cooking and spending time with his partner, Bridget, and his two children, Nathan and Noemi. He now divides his time unevenly between working at the bank and writing.

Twitter: @ekowduker

Website: www.ekowduker.com



Dying in New York, 2014, Picador Africa

White Wahala, 2014, Picador Africa