Nthikeng Mohlele

Nthikeng Mohlele, born in 1977, was partly raised in Limpopo and Tembisa Township, and attended the University of the Witwatersrand, where he obtained a BA in Dramatic Art, Publishing Studies and African Literature. Mohlele has worked as Managing Editor for Business In Africa Group Limited and Gauteng Tourism Authority, among others. Mohlele is the author of four novels. The Scent of Bliss (Kwela Books, 2008) was his first. Small Things (UKN Press, 2013) has been translated into Swedish as Joburg Blues (Weyler förlag, 2014). Mohlele’s third novel, Rusty Bell is published by UKZN Press (2014) and his fourth novel, Pleasure, is to be published this year. Nthikeng Mohlele was listed by Bloomsbury Publishing, Hay Festival and Rainbow Book Club among the 39 most promising authors under the age of 40 from sub-Saharan Africa and the diaspora. Mohlele currently lives and works in Johannesburg. He selectively enjoys things that appeal to the senses: most forms of artistic expression, notably the process of creating such artwork. His interests include screenwriting and music composition.


The Scent of Bliss, 2008, Kwela Books
Small Things, 2013, UKN Press
(Small Things has been translated into Swedish as Joburg Blues, 2014, Weyler förlag)
Rusty Bell, 2014, UKZN Press