Sahar-El-Mougy-EgyptSAHAR EL MOUGY is an Egyptian author, lecturer of American and British poetry at the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University, as well as Assistant Professor of English and American Literature at the same academic institution.


The latest novel of this award-winning author, entitled Noon (which is the letter N in the Arabic alphabet) received the Kafafy Award, among other Arab and international awards. El Mougy is also a radio presenter of a cultural show concerned with writing. She works as a part time gender and creative writing trainer, translator and columnist for the Arab newspaper, the Elmasry Elyoum Daily.


Writing from a feminist perspective, El Mougy articulates the conflict between the values of the west and traditional gender roles in the Middle East.


With four books under her belt, El Mougy is an important voice within the Arab literary landscape. In 1998, her collection of short stories Sayida Fy El Manam, was followed with her first novel Daria(1999) which received many awards and helped establish El Mougy as a writer. In 2003 she published her second novel Elahy Saghira and now Noon.


Centered around social issues in Egypt against the background of the global problems faced by Muslims in the time of 9/11, Noon is also notable for the high-profile media campaign that accompanied its launch and the consequent selling-out of its first print run in the first week of sales, exposing the existence of a large Arabic reading population in Egypt and beyond.


Asked how long it takes her to write a book, El Mougy comments: “There are no rules. My last book took six months to write. Noon took me four years, excluding the research time.”

El Mougy is Founder of Writers’ Residency in El Gouna.



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