Torsten-Schulz-GermanyTorsten Schulz was born in East Berlin, Germany, in 1959. He studied at the Film and Television Academy (HFF) at Babelsberg, where since 2002 he has worked as professor of applied performing arts.


Schulz is not only a fiction and non-fiction author, but also writes essays, short-stories, and screenplays of several films that have won international awards. He has also directed a number of documentary films.


Schulz founded the weekly newspaper "The Gazette" (1990) and served as editor of the East German civil rights newspaper "The Other". From 1992, Schulz has been working as a freelance writer and director.


In 2004, Schulz achieved renown with his novel"Boxhagener Platz" (Boxhagen Square). A satirical comedy set against the background of the separated city of Berlin in the 1960s, Boxhagener Platz offers a critical view on the Federal Republic of Germany, on the German Democratic Republic, as well as on the student revolts in the west.Boxhagener Platz has not only been translated into English, but a film adaptation of this novel has also been produced recently and is available with English sub-titles. A version of the novel as a radio play has won numerous prizes.


On what inspires him to write, Schulz comments: “Writing for me is used to deal with my own experiences. It’s (writing) firstly on the basis of my experieces and events in my life. He continues to articulate: “Through writing I have the possibility to create a kind of past-my past. Influences from my childhood are seen in my novel Boxhagener PlatzSeit 2002 wirkt er als Professor für Praktische Dramaturgie und Prodekan des Studiengangs Drehbuch/Dramaturgie an der Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Potsdam-Babelsberg..‘‘


Schulz currently resides in Berlin.


Bibliography (Selected)

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