Dagga Tolar (Nigeria)

Aj. Dagga Tolar is a frontline activist, a social crusader, and the Publicity Secretary of the Campaign for Democratic and Workers Right CDWR, formerly known as the Campaign for Independent Unionism (CIU), which was one of the pro-democracy groups in CD, UAD and JACON, in the struggle to end military dictatorship in Nigeria. He also doubles as the Publicity Secretary of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) and the Editor of the Socialist Democracy, the organ of the DSM. He is also a school teacher, and an active member of the Nigeria Union of Teachers. 

He has remained active in the movement and struggle against Neo-liberalism, and the series of general strikes led by Labour and the Civil Society Coalition (LASCO), a coalition of the trade union centres (Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress) and pro-democracy organisations in Nigeria. He functioned as a member of the Mobilisation and Planning Committee of the various strikes between 2000 and 2007. 

He was the General Secretary of the Association of West Africa Young Writers 1994-1998, the Vice-Chairman of the Association of Nigeria Authors, Lagos Chapter 2007-2009, and the Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors, 2009-present.