Stone Karim Mohamad (Cameroon)

Spoken word artist and photographer Stone Karim Mohamad was born Brice Romuald Mbasse in 1987 in Avebe village on the Cameroon-Gabon border. From a
very early age, he developed an interest in music and literature; he started playing the piano and began to write novels.

 In 2005, he was awarded ‘Prix de la meilleur nouvel’ by CREPLA (Centre Régional de Promotion et d’Edition du Livre en Afrique). Two years later, he founded the spoken work collective La PhrazSlam and started organising workshops in Cameroon and abroad. He later added photography to his already large and varied skillset. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts. Recently, he has participated in photography and spoken word events in Haiti and Senegal, and was an artist in residence at Petit Pierre, Dakar in 2011.