claude-darbellay-switzerlandJean-Claude Darbellay, born in 1953, has worked in a variety of jobs since the age of 18, from labouring on building sites to teaching English to automobile mechanics. He attained his Bachelor of Arts in Literature at the University of Neuchâtel. Whilst living in London, Darbellay taught French before moving to Spain and then Italy, and is now living in Switzerland. In 1982 he was made laureate of the international poetry competition organized by the Paris Academic Institute.

In 1984 he received a "Contemporary Poets Major Award" from the Contemporary Painters and Poets Association (France), and in 1994 he was awarded the Bachelin Prize for his entire written work. L’horizon n’a qu’un côté was voted the best book of prose poems of 1995, for which he received the Louis-Guillaume Prize (France).

The French language writers association awarded Darbellay the "Alpes-Jura" prize for Le ciel plié in 1996. Darbellay has presented his poetry at numerous poetry festivals around the world and in 1999 participated in the Time of the Writer international writers festival in Durban, where his warm zen-like humour endeared him to local audiences.