nidaa-khoury-palestineNidaa Khoury was born in the Upper Galilee village of Fassouta in 1959. She has published seven books of poetry in Arabic which have been translated into several international languages. The Barefoot River was published in both Arabic and Hebrew, and The Bitter Crown , censored by the Jordanians in 1997, was republished as Rings of Salt, in 1998.

Nidaa Khoury’s poetry has been the subject of studies at the University of Haifa and the Hebrew University and has been widely reviewed by the Arab press. She has been an active participant in international poetry conferences including the Conference of Arab Poets held in Amsterdam, and the Conference of Human Rights and Solidarity with the Third World, in Paris. She teaches Creative Writing in the town of Tarshiha, and works for the Association of Forty, an organization for Human Rights and for the full acceptance of the "Unrecognized Arab Villages" in Israel. Her latest political activities include forming the Path to Peace organization, and she is a member of the General Union of Arab Authors in Israel and of the General Union of Authors of Israel. Khoury is very active in supporting the Palestinian Theatre (Mfateeh) in Israel, and working within the school system to improve the overall achievements of the Arabic schools. She lives in the village of Fassouta where she was born and is married with four children and is currently studying for her second degree in Philosophy.