john-mateer-australiaJohn Mateer was born in Johannesburg in 1971. After spending part of his childhood in Canada and a brief return to South Africa, he moved with his family to Western Australia. His work has been published in South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, the USA and the UK, as well as on the internet. Recently his work was included in various anthologies including Calyx: 30 Contemporary Australian Poets(Paper Bark Press) and in Michael Chapman's New Century of South African Poetry, published by Jonathan Ball. John Mateer's publications include a folio of poems for performance, The Civic Poems, and his next book of poems, Loanwords, is due to be published in 2002. In 1995 he was invited to read his poetry at the 62nd World Congress of PEN, and since then he has presented his work at the conference New African Perspectives: Africa, Australasia and the Wider World at the End of the Twentieth Century, and at the Teater Utan Kayu in Jakarta, Indonesia. He currently lives in Melbourne where he teaches a poetry course at the University of Melbourne and writes art criticism for various publications.


Through the Silent Bushland of Skin 2001, Vagabond
Barefoot Speech 2000, Freemantle Arts Centre Press (FACP)
Spitting Out Seeds 1999, Anatman
Mister! Mister! Mister! 1999, Australia Centre Medan
Anachronism, 1997, FACP
Echo, 1996, The Zero Press
The Civic Poems, 1996, SC Editions
Burning Swans, 1994, FACP