ilja-leonard-pfeijffer-netherlandsIlja Leonard Pfeijffer, born in the Netherlands in 1968, is a poet and classicist. He obtained his Ph.D in 1996 from Leiden University, with a thesis on the archaic Greek poet Pindar (published in 1999 with Brill Publishers) where he lectures in the Classics Department. In 1999 his debut book, Van de vierkante man (Of the Square Man) was nominated for the VSB Poetry Award and rewarded with the Cees Buddingh' Award for the best poetry debut in the Dutch language. His poetry is said to overwhelm the reader with a wealth of images and sounds and with a variety of themes and registers. In what he calls his 'bulimic' verse, Pfeijffer often implicitly takes issue with poetic convention and with humdrum reality. He abhors the paper verse of introverted hermetics and meek-hearted dreamers and feels that poetry should have life, and preferably life in full. Pfeijffer has also written numerous articles and essays for academic publications and journals, and is presently one of the editors of the literary journal De Revisor. A large selection of Pfeijffer's poetry has been translated into English by Willem Groenewegen.


Publications: (selection)

Het glimpen van de welkwiek, 2001, De Arbeiderspers
Van de vierkante man, 1998, De Arbeiderspers