amina-sid-tunisiaAmina Säid was born in Tunisia in 1953 to a Tunisian father and a French mother, Amina has been living in Paris for the past thirty years. She writes in French; and has produced eight volumes of poetry plus two collections of reinvented Tunisian folktales. Her poetry, short stories and essays, which have been translated into several languages, mainly Arabic, German, Turkish, English and Italian, have appeared in various periodicals and anthologies. In 1989 she was awarded the prestigious "prix Jean-Malrieu", and later, in 1994 the "prix Charles-Vildrac". Québec français referred to her as "a new force of Francophone poetry", and the Paris review Hommes et Migrations wrote in 1993 that she is perhaps "the best French-language Tunisian poet of our time". In 1996 she started translating from English to French the work of the major Philippino writer, Franciso Sionil José, who is the founding president of the Philippines PEN Centre.


Gisements de lumière, 1998, La Différence, Paris
Marcher sur la Terre, 1994, La Différence, Paris
L'Une et l'autre nuit, 1993, Editions le Dé bleu, France
Nul Autre Lieu, 1992, Ecrits des Forges, Quebec
Feu d'oisseaux, 1989, revue Sud, Marseille
Sables funambules, 1988, Arcantère/Ecrits des Forges
Métamorphose de l'île et de la vague, 1985, Arcantère, Paris
Paysages, nuit friable, 1980 Editions Barbare