lasana-m-sekou--st.martin-caribbeanLasana M. Sekou, author of ten books of poetry, monologues and short stories, is the editor of National Symbols of St. Martin - A Primer, on the culture, historical personalities, and natural environment of St Martin (1996), and The Independence Papers - Readings on a New Political Status for St. Maarten/St. Martin, the nation's first compilation of political essays (1990). In 1991 Sekou was the executive producer for Fête - The First Recording of Traditional St. Martin's Festive Music by Tanny & The Boys. During the mid-1980s he co-directed and wrote for Traditions, the annual drama extravaganzas that changed the face of theatre in St. Martin. Sekou's books Nativity & Dramatic Monologues for Today (1988) and Love Songs Make You Cry (1989) have been classroom text at York University (Canada) and Kenyon College (USA) respectively. His poetry and short stories are taught in and selected for the exam-reading list of St. Martin's high schools and course material for the University of St. Martin, as well as other Caribbean islands, and he has also guest-lectured in St Martin's schools on Caribbean history, literature, culture and self motivation. In 1995 he received rave press reviews not only for his performance poetry at CARIFESTA VI in Trinidad & Tobago, but as publisher of the critically acclaimed collection of monographs by world renowned scholar, George Lamming, and in 2000 he also published another leading figure, Kamau Brathwaite. Sekou's poetry and reviews of his writings have appeared in numerous international and national journals and magazines, and he is considered by many scholarly writers to be one of the most prolific new generation Caribbean poets.


Big Up St. Martin - Essay & Poem (booklet), 1999
Brotherhood of the Spurs (short stories), 1997
Quimbé .. The Poetics of Sound (poetry), 1991
Mothernation - Poems from 1984 to 1987 (poetry), 1991
Love Songs Make You Cry (short stories), 1989
Nativity & Monologues for Today (monologues, long-poem), 1988
Born Here (poetry), 1986
Maroon Lives. For Grenadian Freedom Fighters (poetry), 1983
Images in the Yard (poetry), 1983
For the Mighty Gods. An Offering (poetry), 1982
Moods for Isis - Picturepoems of Love & Struggle (poetry), 1978