valiant-swart-south-africaValiant Swart and his band have been on the South African music scene since 1990. Valiant received his first guitar from his father in 1977 when he was eleven years old and he taught himself to play from a book of chords. He remembers the precise moment when everything clicked and he realised that he didn't want to be anything else other than a rock star. In 1979 he obtained his first electric guitar and started playing rock 'n roll and beginning to write his own songs. Merging influences from heavy metal, boeremusiek, Bob Dylan and the blues Valiant developed his own distinctive brand which he describes as bluesy country punk, bittersweet with a beat. Apart from hundreds of performances in clubs, bars and university campus gigs, he has performed at many festivals throughout the country including Splashy Fen, Oppikoppi, Rustler's Valley, Oudtshoorn and Grahamstown Arts Festivals, and was recently invited to perform in Utrecht, Holland. When asked what he sings about, he replied, "women, the long road, brandy, blood, bikes, wild animals and the stars and the moon". Valiant is a prominent contributor on Breyten Breytenbach's music project 'Om te Breyten". Writing and singing predominantly in Afrikaans he believes that the contemporary manifestations and mutations of the Afrikaans language provide exciting possibilities. Valiant Swart's depictions of South African life , both colloquial and acerbic, have made literary critics sit and take notice.


Mystic Boer
Dorpstraat Revisited
Deur die Donker Vallei