Hone TuwhareHone Tuwhare (Ngapuhi - Ngati Korokoro, Ngati Tautahi, Te Popoto Uri-o-Hau) was born in 1922 in Kaikohe, but moved to Auckland when he was 9. After leaving school he became a boilermaker and, during his time of apprenticeship at the Otahuhu Railway Workshops, Tuwhare met the poet R.A.K. Mason, who encouraged him to write, and, like Mason, he became politically involved in trade-union organisations and was a member of the Communist Party until the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. He then began writing seriously and his earliest poems appeared in magazines such as New Zealand Poetry Yearbooks and NZ Listener. His first published collection, No Ordinary Sun, appeared in 1964 to widespread acclaim and was reprinted ten times during the next thirty years, one of the most widely read individual collections of poems in New Zealand history. In 1969 he was the Robert Burns Fellow at the University of Otago (and again in 1974), and in the 1970s Tuwhare became actively involved in Maori cultural and political initiatives. He was an organiser of the first Maori Writers and Artists Conference at Te Kaha in 1973 and participated in the Maori Land March of 1975. In 1983 he was the University of Otago's Hocken Library Research Fellow, and this revitalised and extended his interest in Maori history and language. Hone Tuwhare's full-length play, In the Wilderness Without a Hat (perf. 1985), is a deeply personal marae-based tribal drama begun in the wake of his participation in the Land March and published in He Reo Hou: 5 Plays by Maori Playwrights (1991). He spent most of 1985 in Berlin where he wrote Was wirklicher ist als Sterben. In 1991 he was the University of Auckland Literary Fellow and in 1992 he was awarded a Scholarship in Letters by the QEII Arts Council of New Zealand. Tuwhare's work resists identification in terms of 'Maoriness', and his major concerns have remained those of love, friendship, the life of the feelings, and the experience of loss and death.
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