sheri-d-messageThis Mama of Dada was born in 1958 in Calgary, Canada, and determined early on to leap barriers and pursue her poetic muse. At age 17 she became an explorer and traveller, living everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, though she did return for a stint of performance art education at Mount Royal College. After working in London, six years ago Wilson returned to Calgary, which remains her base, though she still travels frequently. Sheri-D Wilson has been called one of North America's most compelling "action" poets. Her unparalleled performance style is rich with erotic jazz, infused with a sharp feminist sensibility and laced with a dangerous wit. She despises materialism and sees the normal conventions of marriage, children and consumerism as unnecessary. Her live performance/readings include: The Vancouver International Writers Festival, Bumbershoot (Seattle), Harbourfront Reading Series (Toronto), Spoken Word Festival (Montreal), PanCanadian Wordfest (Calgary/Banff), Brainwash Reading Series (San Francisco) and The Small Press Festival (New York). She participated in the Word Up project, which included a spoken word anthology, a CD with Virgin Records, and a video with MuchMusic (Toronto). Sheri-D 's work is also featured in Poetry Nation (Vehicule Press). Her play, Confession: A Jazz Play, was performed at Tamahnous Theatre, Vancouver, and she was invited to the Woman's Millennium Project at the Playwright's Workshop in Montreal to work on her new play, The Eternal Eyes of Leticia Knight. Ha rd work and independence continue to be Sheri-D Wilson's themes. Sheri-D's debut CD, Sweet Taste of Lightning , based on her previous writings and two new works, is masterfully arranged by hip-guitarist Russell Broom. This collection perfectly matches word with music in a seamless performance of sexy, humorous social commentary.
sweet taste of lightning; 2000 (CD)
The Sweet Taste of Lightning, 1998, Arsenal Pulp Press
Girl's Guide to Giving Head, 1996, Arsenal Pulp Press
Swerve, 1993, Arsenal Pulp Press
Bulls Whip & Lambs Wood, 1989, Petarade Press