liv-lundbergLiv Lundberg was born in 1944 in Bardu, Northern Norway. Liv has received an income grant as an author from the Norwegian Cultural Department since 1983. She is currently the Art Director of The Creative Writing Workshop of Tromso, since 1993, where she teaches creative writing. Since 2001 she has been a member of the International Committee of Norwegian Author's Union, and since 1982 has been a member of the Norwegian Authors' Union. From 1981-83 and 1990-91 Liv has been Leader of the Regional writer's organization of Northern Norway, and a member of the Literary Council of Norwegian Author's Union, as well as serving on several other boards of cultural organizations.

Liv Lundberg's poetry, novels and essays have been translated into many languages, and she has translated Sylvia Plath's poems into Norwegian. She has participated in poetry readings in numerous countries, including South Africa in 1996, where she was a participant in the cultural and poetical event 'Fault Lines: Inquiries into Truth and Reconciliation'. This involved writers from South Africa and the rest of the world discussing and reading work reflecting on issues of truth, justice and reconciliation. Apart from her many poetry publications, Lundberg has worked and performed in other genres, such as writing a song cycle for soprano with the late Norwegian composer, Gunnar Germeten jr., which was performed twice in '95 and '98; and touring with musicians and dancers with a performance called Stone - Roses, which was documented for television by the world renowned TV producer and film-maker, Knut Erik Jensen whose documentary Cool and Crazy was an international success. She has also performed readings of her work to cello accompaniment, and has made several radio broadcast readings.



Den klare tonen (The Clear Tone), 1979 
Hjerterspeil (Mirror of Hearts), 1981

Språkets hus har åpninger (The House of Language has openings), 1982
Steindrømt (Stone dreamed), 1985
Lady Lazarus (selection and translation of Sylvia Plath’s poems), 1986
Tveegget engel (Double Edged Angel), 1988
Vinterens hjerte (Heart of Winter), novel, 1990
Nybegynnerens forutsetningsløshet (Beginner’s Mind), 1996
circum polaris (ed.), anthology, 1997
Alfabet (Alphabet) translation of Inger Christensen’s poem) , poems, 1997
afrika (africa), 1998
Iverksatt (Works), 1999
Harlekins hud (Harlequin’s Skin), 2001