edessa-ramosEdessa Ramos was born and raised in Manila, finished her studies in Chicago, and currently lives in Zurich. Her work was published in various journals and magazines in the United States, including theRed Shoes Review and Riksha Asian American Journal in Chicago, Filipinas Magazine in San Francisco, and Filipino Martial Arts Magazine in New York. In Europe, her stories and essays appeared in the Ticking Along Free anthology, the Film Podium and Wendekreis Magazin in Switzerland, and in the Philippine Women’s Forumin Germany. In Asia, her work came out in the Caracoa Poetry Journaland various magazines in Manila, and the Star Quilt anthology in Bangalore, India. She has performed her poetry at the Guild ComplexPrinters Row Book FairPoets Against the War and Art for Peacefestivals in Chicago. She has written and directed stage plays for various theatres in Chicago and Zurich. Her first book, Alone on the Road at Night came out in 1999 in Manila. Her latest book, In A Quiet Place was published and launched in Durban in 2001 during the World Conference Against Racism.In her preface Edessa explains why her book was launched in South Africa: "South Africa is a country so amazing … it stirred images in my heart of the country that I had left long ago, … with its history of scars and struggles. The courageous and resilient people of South Africa, whose determination won them their freedom, brought me back into the arms of struggle. As a result, I found the courage to put together this collection of poems from the days of the Philippine revolution of the '80s." Her writing has been praised for reflecting the brave journey of her life, characterised by decades of constant moving, personal hardships and political struggle, but also of a courageous and wondering acceptance of life itself.


Rites of Ticket, 1983,
Luanda: UEA The Blood of the Bougainvillea (chronicles), 1998, 
Beach The Lake of the Moon, 1999, Lisbon: Way