dorian-haarhoff---south-africa-namibiaDorian Haarhoff is a story-teller, and a published poet, writer and a personal development speaker. He is a former teacher-trainer, taught in a Canadian Creative Writing Faculty, was also Professor of English at the University of Namibia and is currently external examiner on the MA programme for the University of Cape Town ’s Creative Writing Department. Pa ssionate about developing innate creativity and imagination Haarhoff runs highly successful creative writing workshops (through his business, Creative Workshops), lectures regularly in Mauritius , and has twice been invited as poet and as a guest story-teller to the Conference of Word Affairs in Boulder , Colorado .

Haarhoff uses story-telling, writing, images and symbolic work as a means of discovering hidden potential and assessing new ways of being and seeing. He believes in the ability of people to revitalise their workplace, build their communities, participate in their healing and find their joy. His approach is based on his book, The Writer's Voice,A Workbook for Writers in Africa . Of writing poetry, Haarhoff says: ‘ Writing a poem is like dropping a Venetian blind down a window . Each line is a slat that gives the poem shape. The strings are the theme. Images, rhythm, rhyme, form the sunlight between the slats.’ Haarhoff is interested in the relationship between poetry and healing a nd sees writing as a conversation about belonging. His work is strongly influenced by mythology, whole brain theory, Jungian and Eco psychology, creation spirituality, the new physics and narrative therapy.

Dorian Haarhoff is a naturalized Namibian citizen and o ne of his collections, Bordering includes a poetic history of Namibia He has written several Namibian lyrics including school songs. His Namibian children ’ s books include D esertDecember , and Guano Girl and a children ’ s play, Alice in Welwitschialand. Some of his poems have found their way into crop research magazines, menus in restaurants, inflight magazines and school songs.