siphiwe-ka-ngwenyaSiphiwe Ka Ngwenya was born in Soweto in 1964. He is a writer, theatre director and performer. In the late 1980’s he met writers like Don Mattera and Sipho Sephamla and attended poetry workshops at Funda Centre which at times came under Security Police surveillance. He then switched to COSAW where his work developed. Ka Ngwenya has a diploma in Speech and Drama from Fuba Academy, participated in a Voter Education play commissioned by the Matla Trust in 1994, was a member of the Rishile Theatre Project that presented plays by Nadine Gordimer and Don Mattera, and currently organizes poetry readings in Johannesburg under the auspices of Timbila Poetry Project and the Jozi Book Club.

Siphiwe enjoys experimentation and freedom in the use of languages, concentrating on traditional oral/praise performance poetry, extending the genre in more critical and contemporary forms. A selection of his poetry was published in the 1992 anthology, Essential Things. Other publications that have included his work are Ingolovane, Botsotso, New Coin, Timbila, Kotaz, It All Begins and Writing from Here. Ngwenya has performed internationally in countries as diverse as Denmark and Pakistan . A collection of his poems is to be brought out in 2005 by Botsotso Publishing.