albert-nyathi---zimbabweAlbert Nyathi’s poetry was influenced by the struggles for freedom in his region, motivating him to bring change and awareness through the power of oration. He gave up his rapidly advancing career in government service as a senior member of Zimbabwe's National Arts Council to concentrate on performance and the development of youth training programmes in the arts in Harare's townships. In a career spanning fifteen years, Nyathi has successfully explored the depths and diversities of African traditions, while maintaining a strong ‘crossover’ appeal to peoples around the world. His background in the performing arts allowed him to try various forms of experimental performance from his early career with Alcyti, his first public attempts with poetry accompanied by music.

Albert's first major stage performance was as an actor in Mandela - The Spirit Of No Surrender in the early 1990s. Produced by the community theatre company Zambuko/Izibuko, the story revolved around a family's struggle in a South African township through the period of Mandela's incarceration. In 1997, he performed on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s visit to Zimbabwe. At the death of Zimbawean politician and leader, Joshua Nkomo, in 1999, Nyathi led tributes and eulogies at his graveside, substantiating his reputation as an accomplished master of the spoken word. Nyathi also combines poetry with the unique sounds of his 10-piece band, Imbongi, to present an eclectic mix of dance and performance. This collaboration has earned enthusiastic reviews from local and international press.



Echoes from the Kraal, Self-Published, 2001



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