Christian Uetz was born in 1963 in Egnach on the outskirts of Zurich in Switzerland. He studied Philosophy, Comparative and Ancient Greek at the University of Zurich and until 1997 he was also teaching Literature and Philosophy at high-shcools. Since 1994 Uetz has been invited to about 400 readings and festivals of poetry, among other places to New York, Medellin, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Palermo, Berlin, Köln and Wien. He has also done readings and recordings with the jazz-trio Koch-Schütz-Studer. Uetz’s performances have been received with much enthusiasm.
The following extracts are from popular German media:
‘One should have the privilege to encounter live this language maniac, in order to be reminded by his voice while reading his works, and in order to guess what Nietzsche really meant when he said that writers should be dancers with words.’
(Neue Zuercher Zeitung)
‘The fool-of-words Christian Uetz is a perfect antipode to the science of calm, a modern master of breathless language exaltation. He listens into the spaces of words in order to track their delusion.’
(Basler Zeitung)
‘You won’t have to listen to a lecture, you will witness obsessive word-treating skills. You won’t have to listen to dadaic nonsense either, but to a word acrobat creating a performance based on 800 years of spiritual history at the pace of an intercity train!’
(Berner Bund)
Luren, Waldgut, 1993
Reeden, Waldgut, 1994
Nichte, Droschl, 1998
Zoom Nicht, Drosch,l 1999
Das Sternbild versingt, Suhrkamp, 2004
Nichte und andere Gedichte, Droschl 1999
Live at Schiffbau, mit Koch-Schütz-Stude, Intakt, 2002
Don San Juan, Suhrkamp 2002
Mysterienspiel Live at Jesuitenkirche, Koch-Schütz-Studer und Christian Uetz, Gallo, 2003