Omékongo Luhaka wa Dibinga was born in 1976 in Boston , Massachusetts . His parents were Congolese (ex-Zaire) refugees, exiled for their role in aiding in the liberation of the Congo . Omékongo grew up in an environment that he calls ‘the best and worst of both African and African-American societies’, having grown up in a strict African household in an African-American community. He is the seventh of nine children, who were taught to remember they were African, irrespective of where they resided. Education was highly valued in his household. Omékongo’s love of learning led him to study at some of the world's finest institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton , Morehouse, Georgetown , and The Fletcher School, where he received his M.A. in Law & Diplomacy. Witnessing poverty and injustice in 15 countries on 3 continents, watching members of his own family experience police brutality and seeing too many in his community lose their life over foolishness in America has led Omékongo to try to speak for all in his global community who believe they do not have a voice. Maya Angelou and Abiodun Oyewole are his primary influences. He writes to encourage dialogue and to bring communities together. This has led him to performances across America and around the world in Congo-Kinshasa, France, Tanzania, Cuba, and Canada. His work has appeared on TV and radio in over 30 countries. He writes and performs in English, French and Swahili, and has also used Wolof in his work. He has shared the stage with poetry legends such as The Last Poets, Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka, and Askia Touré. He has released two spoken word CDs. His first CD, A Young Black Man’s Anthem: Love, Afrika, and Revolution Revisited won the 2003 Cambridge Poetry Award for Best CD. His first book of poems and DVD, From the Limbs of my Poetree, will be released later in 2004, through Free Your Mind Publishing, which Omékongo founded in early 2004.
Young Black Man’s Anthem: Love, Afrika, and Revolution Revisited, Feuler Music, 2001
Signs of the Time , Feuler Music, 2003