madosini---south-africaMadosini Latozi Mpahleni, hailed as the ‘Queen of Xhosa Music',was born amongst the Pondo, in the district Dlomo of the village of Mpheko near Umtata in the Eastern Cape . She learned to play uhadi at the age of 13, ‘and since then I never stopped!

Taught by her mother, Madosini began playing, composing songs and making instruments at this early age and demonstrated remarkable skills at social gatherings, quickly winning over audiences.


Her extraordinary music is unique, not just in its scope, but also in the variety and depth of the emotions she evokes.


As a singer, composer, storyteller, and master player of three traditional musical instruments: uhadi (bow), umrhubhe (mouth bow), and isitolotolo (jaw harp), she performs frequently around the country. She has participated in the Grahamstown Festival since 2003 and performed at the Winter and Summer Concerts at the Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens. Her music has been enjoyed on a diversity of stages, from the Nelson Mandela Museum in Umtata to the Aqua Opera at Cape Town 's Waterfront. She has also performed for ICMF (International Classical Musical Festival of South Africa) and MIAGI (Music Is A Great Investment ) 2001-2003. Following this, ICMF and MIAGI organised tours of Germany and Australia.


Madosini has also had successful collaborations with artists such as the well-known young South African musician Thandiswa Mazwai, with whom she made a documentary entitledThe Spirit of Uhadi . She has recorded with other South African artists Ringo Madlingozi and Zungula ‘Dizu' Plaatjies and Amanpondo, and her song Wen'usegoli was one of the soundtracks for the Oscar-nominated film Yesterday . Most recently she performed at the Total Miagi Music Festival in collaboration with Cape Wow , presenting the Music of the Xhosa Women.Madosini is also actively involved in teaching within South Africa . She conducts workshops for teachers at the CIIMDA (Centre for Indigenous African Instrumental Music and Dance Practices), in Tshwane.