gibi-bacilio-curaaoGIBI BACILLO, born in 1950 in Curaçao, the small Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, is a poet and a prolific literary performer. He studied philosophy and theology in Colombia and The Netherlands, before rounding off his studies in Utrecht at the Academy of Expression, where he later became a tutor of dramatic expression. Gibi currently lives in Curaçao where he is very active in street theatre, especially with the group Grupo di Teatro Foro of which he was the artistic leader during the seventies and eighties. He has produced and presented cultural television programmes and is an expert in the field of oral literature and written rhythmic poetry, the genre in which he writes. Gibi’s themes centre on the colonial past, the Indians, slavery and the dominant and ambivalent position of The Netherlands, but there is also tenderness and eroticism to be found in his work.

His poems have been published in various collections and magazines and his volume of poems Kueru Marká (Carilexis) was published in 2000.Of the sources of his inspiration he writes: “As a child, my grandmother told me stories that had to do with the history and culture of Curaçao. For instance, stories about the Spider Nanzi brought over from Africa, life on plantations during slavery, slave rebellions, African myths, and contacts with ancestors. This has inspired and still inspires me and has found its way back into some of my poems. As a young man who was brought up in a very Christian manner and even considered becoming a priest, the Bible stories were very important in my life.”Gibi Bacilio forms part of the Winternachten contingent.