henry-bowers-swedenHenry Bowers, a rap artist and slam poet, was born in 1980 in Uppsala , Sweden . Henry started performing spoken word poetry in the late nineties and attended his first local poetry slam in 2002. In 2003, he won the “voice and movement” competition at the Swedish poetry slam championships, and in 2004 tied for first place in the individual competition at the same championships. His consistent showing at the championships continued the next year when he was placed third. Later that year he attended the World Slampionships in Rotterdam , The Netherlands, where he was also placed third. Internationally, he has been performed in Denmark ,Germany and The Netherlands. Henry runs a small independent record label, Kafkaotiska Inspelningar (Kafkaotic Recordings) together with his musical companion DJ Lo-Kut. They have released 6 titles on vinyl and are planning new releases in the near future.

Henry penned his first rap lyrics at the age of 10 largely inspired by influential American hip hop group Public Enemy. These days he finds his musical inspiration in hiphop/spoken word acts like Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Buck 65 but also draws from artists such as Tom Waits, Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash and old Swedish songwriters like Cornelis Vreeswijk and Allan Edwall. Henry is accompanied by DJ Khim, a turntablist, a nd is backed vocally by Ribban, who, aside from providing beats, also plays the banjo. The music the band performs is described as “a mixture of hiphop spoken word poetry with a touch of country/folk music.” Henry Bowers: As far as I can see music and movies has to a large extent taken the place of novels and poetry in today's society. Younger people listen to a lot more music and see a lot more movies than they read books and if that is the case then I think it's important that there are at least some musicians and moviemakers who have, should I say, a “poetic touch” at what they do.”