def-p-the-netherlandsDEF P (PASCAL GRIFFIOEN) was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1969. He studied at the Amsterdam Graphic School from 1982 to 1990 and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator.

While still at school Def P became fascinated by the burgeoning hip-hop scene, in particular with graffiti and rap. In 1986, he formed his first rap group Funky Fresh Force. He later left the group, which he thought too commercial and in 1989 formed Osdorp Posse.

Osdorp was the first ever Dutch-language hip-hop group and, arguably, laid the foundation for the current rise of Nederhop, or Dutch rap. Since its inception this hardcore rap group has ‘explored all sides of hip-hop, from poetic hip-hop to gangsta rap to politically engaged hip-hop’. Osdorp Posse gathered a substantial underground fan-base with its earliest releases, Osdorp Stijl (1992), Roffer dan Ooit (1993), and Vlijmscherp (1993), but its breakthrough came shortly after the release of Afslag Osdorp (1994), with a show at Lowlands ’95, the popular annual Dutch musical festival. Soon thereafter they won the prestigious Dutch Pop Prize (1996), awarded annually for a group’s contribution to popular music.

In 1998, Osdorp Posse established its own record label, Ramp Records, complete with a studio and postal order service. Under the auspices of Ramp Records, Def P has released two solo albums, Cryptokilostijl and Ware Aardverhaal. Def P comments: “I usually write directly what’s on my mind without beating around the bush. I like it raw and direct, so life itself is my biggest inspiration.”

In addition to music, Def P is also a dramatist and artist. He has written plays for and with Christine van Stralen and Marjan Luif and, in the late nineties, held his first art exhibitions. Def P is also a columnist for various underground magazines, including EssensiE. He hosts a weekly show on Kink FM, the alternative Dutch radio station. He will also help present the SlamJam.