the-guests-comprise-victor-mavedzenge-and-michael-kudakwashe-zimbabweTHE GUESTS, a unique comic poetic duo hailing from Zimbabwe, comprise Victor Mavedzenge and Michael Kudakwashe. Victor Mavedzenge is an acclaimed artist, art teacher, award-winning poet, comedian and stage and television actor. He works as a cultural projects officer and has also has pioneered the monthly Poetry Slam at The Book Café in Harare. His poetry has been described as “a whispered journey into the identity of self and society; where nothing is quite what it seems.”]

Michael Kudakwashe is a stage and television actor, a comedian and an acclaimed caricaturist. His drama career began seven years ago, and, in the interim, he has performed in such works as Athol Fugard’s The Island andSizwe Bansi is Dead. He also featured in numerous Zimbabwean plays including Victor Mavedzenge’s Textures of The Moon.

Victor and Michael began performing together in 2004, under the handle ‘The Guests’, a live comedy routine that has outraged a few, and in their words, “driven others into exile.” The Guests have won many fans with their taboo-breaking humour, which delves into, again in their words, “the ever stranger habits of pesky Zimbabweans, visiting English gynaecologists, funky blond Indians, I-and-I Jamaicans with attitude and the terribly wicked exploits of the women-for-women NGOs running amok among a’men in Zimbabwe.”

Speaking about their unusual stage performance which sees painting incorporated with recital Victor says: “Painting is a very interesting manner of expression in the fine arts. It’s not only the end product that I find amusing but also the process. Once the viewer is also involved in the process – by watching the painter – there is an instant bond that develops and a deeper personal understanding of the work produced. So I thought I would paint while performing poetry to give it that extra visual appeal and this adds an inexplicable dynamic to the work.”

The Guests perform every Thursday at The Book Café and have performed twice at the Harare International Festival of The Arts (HIFA). This year they featured at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival with a well-reviewed play entitled Territory .