chiwoniso-zimbabweChiwoniso was born in the US in 1976 and musical instruments were an integral part of her early nurturing as a child. In 1990, Chiwoniso's family relocated to Zimbabwe and she joined her first musical group, Peace of Ebony, whose members came from Zimbabwean, German, American, Russian and Malawian ethnic backgrounds.

Peace of Ebony redefined the essence of international African rap. Composing their lyrics in English, Shona and French, they used the sounds of the mbira and marimba as the core of most of their revolutionary recordings. Chiwoniso's first solo album, Ancient Voices, won critical acclaim globally. 1999 saw Chiwoniso and The Storm perform at the MASA festival in Abidjan , Côte d'Ivoire , where she won the UNESCO Prize for Arts. In the same year, she was nominated for the KORA Best Female Vocals of Africa Awards.


In the last few years Chiwoniso's solo career has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. She now fronts her own band, Vibe Culture, which has quickly become one of the most popular in the Zimbabwean music community. She is also a singer and performer in the multi-national all-women's band Women's Voice, whose members hail from Norway , Zimbabwe , Tanzania , America , Israel and Algeria . She has recorded the sound-track for the Kenyan-born writer N'gugi wa Mirii's first short film, worked with the voices of Marie Boine, Kris Kristoffersen and Sinead O'Connor on a CD for world peace in honour of the Nobel Peace Prize Award's 100th commemoration, represented Zimbabwe as in the UNDP Africa 2015 project, and, in 2005, released her album Timeless. She is currently at work on her third solo album.


Chiwoniso comments: [ Music] is an expression of God. All pain, joy, rage, love…wisdom, can be found in music. I am in awe when in the presence of its power.”