habib-demba-fall-senegalHABIB DEMBA FALL was born in 1972 in Thiaroye, a poor suburb located in the Senegalese capital of Dakar. Fall holds a diploma in journalism from the Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar and is currently the manager of the Senegalese publishing company Société Sénégalaise de Presse et de Publications, the publisher of Le Soleil.

His poetry publications include a contribution to the anthology Saison d'amour et de colère, which was edited by Boubacar Boris Diop and Hélène Bezençon, and the poetry collection Le Chapelet de rêves (A rosary of dreams) (Acoria, 2007).


Fall attempts to articulate in his poetry the troubles and anxieties of his contemporaries, but limits himself not only to the African reality – instead he writes with an imagination that encompasses the world.


“He is… a poet whose language speaks of disenchantment in the face of Africa’s adversity but also of hope in the union of hearts. His writing awakes the reader’s consciousness through dream-like images and a carefully crafted style. The poet questions life and the passing of time, seeking to find peace in the turmoil of events. His quest resembles a voyage of initiation in the old tradition.” Veronique Tadjo.