haidee-kruger-south-africaHaidee Kruger is a lecturer in Language Practice and English Literature at the Vaal Triangle Campus of North-West University, where she teaches twentieth-century poetry and fiction, as well as modules on editing and translation. Kruger has also worked as an editor, translator and materials developer, mostly in the field of educational publishing. She holds an MA in English Literature (on the Beat poetry of Allen Ginsberg) and is currently reading for a PhD in Translation Studies at Wits, focusing on the translation of children's literature in the South African educational context. Her research interests are diverse, and she has published research articles on literature and psychoanalysis, Beat literature, translation and editing.

Kruger comments: “ Poetry is a way of reclaiming the infinite possibilities of words to express the infinite variety of experience. To do that, poetry reinvents language, makes it new. Sometimes this means simplifying language; sometimes it means complicating it. Sometimes it means completely taking it apart. Sometimes it just means having fun with it. Mostly it involves creating multiplicity and opening up possibility. In this, the reader and the writer are partners, collaborators, co-conspirators. Reading is an active process, collaborative, reciprocal – not a passive escape or swept-up-ness into a world created by somebody else. With every reading of a poem, readers participate in the making new of language, thereby creating new ways of saying and experiencing the world.


Kruger has had poetry, fiction and cut-ups published in print and online, in Literator, Green Dragon, Carapace,Botsotso, Fidelities, Englishes: Letterature Inglesi Contemporanee, sweet magazine www.sweetmagazine.co.za ) and PoetryNet www.litnet.co.za ).


H er debut collection of poetry, Lush, is published by Protea Book House and will be launched during Poetry Africa.