danie-marais-south-africaDanie Marais was born in Kimberley in 1971 and matriculated in Pretoria in 1989. He obtained a B.Comm (Law) degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 1993. Marais lived in Germany for nine years to pursue a romantic relationship, and whilst there studied German, Mathematics, Philosophy and Pedagogics at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg . He taught at a German elementary school in Bremen until he returned to South Africa permanently in 2002. Marais currently works as a freelance journalist and copy-editor in Cape Town.

His poems have appeared in several anthologies, including Nuwe Stemme 3(2005), Honderd jaar later (2006) and My ousie is 'n blom (2006), Versindaba 2006 , and in various literary magazines, locally and in the Netherlands . Marais was been nominated for the DaimerChrysler Award for Poetry 2005.


His debut volume of poetry, In die buitenste ruimte , was published by Tafelberg in 2006. It has been awarded the Eugène Marais Prize, the UJ Debut Prize and the Ingrid Jonker Prize. Marais participated in Poetry International 2007 in Rotterdam where some of his poems were published in the Dutch anthology Hotel Parnussus: Poezie can dichters uit de hele wereld. He has also translated his wife, Karlien de Villiers', first graphic novel into German. The book, Meine Mutter war eine schöne Frau , was published in Switzerland in April 2006. It has since been published in French and Spanish translation.


Marais co-hosts The Unhappy Hour, an alternative music show, on Bush Radio in Cape Town with the writer and DJ Clive Smith. He is the regular rock writer forBeeld . He comments: “ I hope people will find some comfort and understanding in my poetry that will make them feel less alone. My poetry does not change the cold facts, but I hope it will be a shot of whisky on a freezing night to anyone who experiences life the way I do.”