bushwomen-south-africaTereska and Laverne Muishond call themselves !Bushwomen, a name that, in their words, “reflects their pride in being descendents of the wise, humble, and spiritual indigenous people of South Africa – the Khoi, San and the Bushmen.” Originally from Bloemfontein, these talented sisters infuse their poetry with song and dance to create a stage performance that is filled with energy and passion.

Laverne's background is in singing and by the age of eight she was trained as a soloist. She had further musical training with the Bloemfontein Children's Choir and has travelled to Canada, the USA, Sweden, Belgium and Vienna . Laverne is a versatile singer whose repertoire ranges from classical and jazz to R&B and hip-hop and whose melodies have a distinct Afro- Soul inflection.

Tereska was introduced to theatre acting at the age of six and instantly fell in love with the stage. She went on to study Drama and Theatre Art at the University of the Free State and has been involved in many theatre productions across the country. Tereska has been writing poetry for a number of years and, as a natural actress and storyteller, her writing “expresses her humanness, her joys and sorrows, and her passion for life, love and liberty.”

Both sisters are fluent in the language of dance and they use this form of expression to complement their stage performance. Their performances are honest.