nassuf-djailani-mayotteNasuf Djailani comes from Mayotte (Comoros) and works as a freelance broadcast and newspaper journalist. Nassuf graduated from the Institut de journalisme de Bordeaux Aquitaine, and currently works as a reporter and cameraman for France 3 Auvergne and RFO Paris.

He has contributed to literary journals in France ( Riveneuve Continents and Ubu Théâtre scène d'Europe in particular) and won the Grand Prix littéraire de l'Océan Indien, as well as the Premier Prix de la poésie 2005, for his poetry collection Roucoulement.

Nassuf's published work includes Spirale(poetry), published by Les Belles Pages Publishers in Marseille in 2004,Une saison aux Comores (narrative) by Komédit Publishers in 2005 (and reprinted in 2006), and Roucoulement(poetry) by Komédit Publishers in 2006. One of his theatre pieces, La vertu des ombres has recently been staged by Djumbé Theatre in the Comoros, and has been included in the programming of the Drama and Contemporary Dance Festival of Mayotte. Several other works are due for publication.

Commenting on the themes that interest him as a poet: “I am very sensitive to the theme of difference; I am interested in the other as a perfectible being. But before going towards the other, I need to solve an initial pitfall: who am I? A native of Mayotte, a native of the Comoros archipelago, or a French person (based on the history that gave me a nationality, as an Indian Ocean poet)?

Such true qualifiers, yet slightly narrow on the inside, are what I am trying to get out of so as to meet the world. Full of sensitivity, history and culture, I have an incurable desire to name the place I come from, while asking for a voice in the chapter of History. Writing is a planet I am trying to inhabit by creating a universe of full possibilities. One needs to be seriously mad to survive there. I find that rather fascinating.”