rogerio-manjate-mozambiqueRogerio Manjate is a professional actor and theatre director, a poetry and fiction writer, and a filmmaker. He studied Agronomy at Eduardo Mondlane University and currently lives in Maputo . Rogerio's first published work Amor Silvestre (2001) was followed by Casa Em Flor (Poems for Kids)(2004), Choveria Areia (2005) andMbila + Dinka(2007). A highly accomplished writer, he won the 2002 International Short Story at the Guimarães Rosa/RFI in Paris with the story ‘ À Imagem 
e Semelhança' . Rogerio was the publisher of the Mozambican Writers Association's magazine Luanova and currently publishes Maderazinco which focuses on Mozambican literature.

As a filmmaker, he directed and produced MyHusband's Denial, a film about AIDS denial and disclosure while his short film I Love You won the 2008 Durban International Film Festival award for Best Short Film. Rogerio is currently the head of his own theatre company Galagalazul, where he is both actor and director. He has toured widely with the play Na Solidão dos Campos de Algodão (In the solitude of the cotton fields) which was written in 2005.

Speaking on the relevance of poetry in the world, Rogerio comments: “Maybe life today is how it is, because it misses poetry. When poetry happens it needs publicity because many people are not able to feel or see it naturally, one must show it, pointing at it, so they can also see, feel and enjoy. But its power is there, once one gets to it and enjoys it. It means the place of poetry is becoming smaller in the world, but its ‘minuteness' is its importance, like the dew drop and the moon: the moon receives the astronauts and their spaceship…and the dew drop suspended on the rose petal is so so small. However, the moon and its brilliance fits on the dew drop. So we need to teach the astronauts to explore the dew drop instead.”