nastio-mosquito-angolaNástio Mosquito was born in Angola and is a poet, performance artist, actor, filmmaker and television presenter. Nastio has exhibited work and performed in Europe, Africa, and South America and is currently touring with DZzzz , a provocative mixture of musical performance and spoken word. His television work has ranged from youth and development programmes to directing documentaries such as Chá De Caxinde, Já Lá Vão15 !, about one of the oldest cultural associations in Angola, to presenting on Angolan Public Television.

Nastio has also worked as director of photography and assistant director on several British documentaries and television productions. His cinema work includes lead actor and cameraman credits on several shorts such as Restos De Lixo by Maria João Ganga, In Lieuby Lee Hancock, and Locks Of Love and P.C . by Geoffrey Bicker.

He comments: “My motivation for writing poetry, or whatever else, is survival. Survival of my spirit, my soul and my flesh! I write about everything... not necessarily because I find diversity of subjects the only way to really be true to my existence, but because my existence is based on people; and people are one of the craziest, most diverse, animals of the universe as we know it.”

On his influences he opines: “I'm very influenced by comedy, mainly because I'm a tragic person. I see and live life with as much healthy drama as possible. Be it fact, fiction, or pure madness all is aloud in comedy! I'm from a nation that has lived under war, be it cold, hot, and steaming, for centuries and I find that people recall all with extreme humor. If humor is intelligent, sensitive, and inappropriate, and your writing has a sense of rhythm, both physical and intellectual, you might be working towards beauty. And that is what poetry is for me... to develop palpable transcendent perspectives with thought as your weapon, and beauty as your goal.”