marjolijn-van-heemstra-netherlands- Marjolijn van Heemstra was born in Amsterdam in 1981 and studied Religion and Media at the University of Amsterdam . Marjolijn is a freelance journalist for a Dutch newspaper and several magazines and has published a collection of interviews Het land van werk en honing , comprising of seven portraits of Moroccan mothers in 2006. During her studies she began writing for the theatre and her first play Astronaut was staged at the Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam in 2004. Seven more plays followed, two of which she directed herself. Marjolijn is currently working on a piece about the fall of the Berlin Wall which will make a European tour in 2009. She has performed her poetry at several Dutch festivals and poetry platforms. She comments: “Poetry for me is a way to explore all the invisible connections; between words, things, people. It's a way of thinking, associating instead of explaining, that reveals the spaciousness of the world around me. It's an approach to reality, a long ladder to climb on and overlook the land. An approach which is bold and at the same time very fragile: only one wrong or missing word makes the structure collapse. In that sense, poetry feels to me much more dangerous than any other form of writing. With its intangible nature poetry seems a good offset against the psychological explanations of the human being that overflow our western world demystifying every mood swing and sleepless night. It has nothing to do with defining things and everything with trying to remember what lies somewhere deep down forgotten in ourselves. The things we see when we're not focused, that influence us quietly while we're busy living. In that sense, poetry is a reminder. To remember that we constantly forget and that our daily reconstructions of the forgotten aren't always the most useful or most sincere ones. That's why, I believe, you can sometimes hear or read poetry and feel like you gained a memory. That's the kind of poetry I love.”