jennifer-ferguson-south-africaJennifer Ferguson, a true legend of South African music, has been a singer-songwriter, musician, composer, social activist, ANC Member of Parliament (1994-97), actress, cabaret artiste, theatre director, music producer, scriptwriter, life-skills coach, Tai Chi practitioner, pianist, poet, student, sound-journey creator, wild dolphin swim facilitator, corporate human-development facilitator, special-needs children animator, voice teacher, waitress, writer, lyricist, housekeeper, mother, metamorphic massage technique practitioner, chef, entertainer on a cruise liner, wife, mistress, counsellor, sales girl, birthing assistant, marriage facilitator, song safari tour guide, TV jingle and score composer, events producer, urban greening consultant, children's choir facilitator, shamanic ceremonies facilitator, in spaces of deep retreat and a lot more.

The true learning occurred on a journey outside the walls of academia and formal studies, graced with the presence of master teachers along the way such as Barney Simon (playwright and co-founder of the Market Theatre) Swami Narajani, Anders Nyberg (Swedish/South African choral conductor/composer and husband), her children - Ralph and Gabriel (currently at Waterford Kamhlaba UWC in Swaziland) and the greatest teacher of all: Johanna Nyberg (11), born with ‘Up” Syndrome, as she prefers to call it, and of course, in the crucible of life itself.


Ferguson lives both in Sweden and South Africa : an old g ård in the remote village of Dala-Floda in the heart of the Scandinavian forest wilderness; a small apartment in Stockholm and an equally small apartment in Beryl Court, Troyeville, in the eastern inner-city slums of Johannesburg.


Ferguson comments: “I have been greatly blessed throughout my life and I have tried to be in the spaces God wants us all to be: the place where our greatest joy can meet the cries of the world.”