bongani-mavuso-south-africaBongani Mavuso is a poet, radio presenter, and senior producer at Ukhozi FM, a station with almost seven million listeners. He has a BA degree from the University of Zululand and an Honours degree in Social Sciences from UKZN. Mavuso has been writing and reciting poetry for over twelve years and has published several anthologies of Zulu poetry, including I nhlansi (2007, Shuter & Shooter), Inxeba Lembongi (Ed., 2007, Nutrend Publishers) and Izintombi Zengcuce (Ed., 2007, Nutrend Publishers). His latest Zibuyela Ezimpandeni(Shuter & Shooter) will be launched during the festival.

He hosts a popular poetry slot on Ukhozi FM every Friday, as well as monthly poetry sessions in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Ladysmith, Vryheid, Newcastle and Richards Bay. Mavuso has also has formed a group of women poets called Izintombi Zengcuce. Over the years, he has participated in numerous cultural fora and conferences and has performed at venues such as KwaSuka Theatre, Bat Centre, Horror Café, Shivava Café, Windybrow, Rabasotho Hall and Kippies Jazz International.


He comments: “ As a poet, I am always inspired by the existence of God's beautiful creation. I am also inspired by people, politics, religious views, and challenges facing the African continent like HIV-AIDS, poverty, crime, human trafficking and endless wars. I have decided to focus on issues relating to our heritage, history, identity and the rebirth of the African continent. I strongly believe that my role is to awaken the human spirit. I hope that people who get a chance to read my poetic works will begin to understand my perspective and views on current issues…I think my poetry has its roots in the Southern African region. It's also relevant in the world today since it deals with issues that are currently affecting the globe, namely: HIV-AIDS, poverty, hunger, racism and crime to mention but a few.”