Tania Tome 150-150x150Tânia Teresa Tomé was born in 1981 in Maputo, Mozambique. An early passion for the arts, music and singing culminated in her winning the first prize, at the age of seven, for best voice in an international competition organised by the World Health Organization in Mozambique.

It was however, at the age of 13 that Tomé's life in art gained tangible form, through her first presentation of the poetry of Jose Craveirinha. Reciting and singing his poems, whilst playing the piano instilled in her a love of, in her words, “giving life to poems.” Craveirinha remains an important influence for her, not only as a poet and writer, but also “as a symbol for valorising Mozambique and Mozambicanity.” 

After she was admitted to the University of Portugal, Tomé worked in a variety of jobs, including stints as an advertisement model, as well as work in radio and television. Throughout this time she honed her craft, performing songs and giving recitals as well presenting the traditional and acoustic music of Mozambique. She was also involved in several social and humanitarian initiatives, including participating in the album Meeting , whose profits go towards projects helping children and young people from Angola and Mozambique. With the conclusion of her degree in economics, Tomé won the Mario Soares Foundation of Portugal award for academic commitment in combination with social-artistic activities. In Portugal, jointly with other young poets from African Portuguese speaking countries, she launched the anthology PALOP , which contained ten of her own poems.

 Returning to Mozambique after post-graduate studies in audit and management control at the Portugal Catholic University she balances her singing and recitals with her career as a credit risk analyst. Tome is a member of AEMO (Association of Mozambique Writers), and this year released a DVD Showesia , a show of poetry produced and carried out by herself in 2008 in homage to the poet Jose Craveirinha.