Gabeba-BaderoonCelebrated poet, author, academic and journalist, Gabeba Baderoon, is the author of three well-received poetry collections, The Dream in the Next Body (2005), The Museum of Ordinary Life (2005) and A Hundred Silences (2006). Baderoon’s poetry is often reflective and deals with issues of loss, stillness, recognition and love, each specific yet resonating beyond the speaker, space and time.

Baderoon’s debut collection was named a Notable Book by the Sunday Independent and was aSunday Times Recommended Book. It is on the account of that scintillating first book that Baderoon received the 2005 Daimler Chrysler Award for South African Poetry. Her most recent collection was a finalist for the 2007 University of Johannesburg Prize and the 2007 Olive Schreiner Award.

Reaching distant parts of the globe with the power of her words, Baderoon’s poetry has been widely translated. She has also been invited to perform at international literary festivals and her poetry has appeared in several journals.

Of her work, Harry Garuba says, “She has mastered the lessons of keen observation, acuity of vision and symmetry learned from the master tiler. But she is not only a skilled craftswoman; her work is infused with compassion and wisdom that bodes well for her future writings.”

Baderoon’s short stories and essays have appeared in anthologies in South Africa and abroad. Also a scholar, Baderoon is a post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Contemporary Islam at the University of Cape Town, and teaches Women’s Studies and African and African American Studies at Pennsylvania State University.