khadijatou-united-kingdomSpoken-word poet, writer, singer and drum percussionist, Khadijatou Doyneh, spent the formative years of her life in Guyana, South America and London. She graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Honours in Spanish and Dance.


Through early travels, Khadijatou developed an awareness of self, history, socialization and the environments she encountered and began writing as a way of capturing her experiences and thoughts and expressing them poetically. She is well-known through underground poetry and jazz music scenes, with her djembe drum and voice.


In 1995, Khadijatou toured South Africa for 5 months, including residencies in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban with the Ngoma Project, working with young people in schools across different townships. She was invited to return to work in South Africa every year for over 10 years, creating, building and co-directing a creative ensemble that would enable a profound understanding of culture, history, dance and music exchanges between South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. This culminated in the ‘Step Afrika! International Cultural Festival’, a unique tri-continental cultural exchange, hosted by Soweto Dance Theatre.


Khadijatou is Founding Director and Producer of Step Afrika! UK. A regular feature in poetry scenes in Johannesburg, Khadijatou has been interviewed on TV and on radio, including Radio 2000, YFM, Alex FM and others. 


Researching and learning directly from indigenous cultural leaders and healers in South and West Africa and in Brazil, earned Khadijatou a Post Graduate certificate in Intercultural Therapy. In her work, Khadijatou explores African roots, her Caribbean upbringing and her London life with all its funny, yet complex socio-economic politics and hidden history. This theme is evident in her recorded album ‘Sex, Lies & History’.