patrice-treuthardt-reunionPatrice Treuthardt was born in the island of Reunion in 1956. A poet who writes in French and Creole, Treuthardt worked as a bank employee for 32 years and as a Cultural Development Officer for the Mairie le Port since 2009.

Treuthardt is a speaker and moderator for poetry and storytelling in schools, libraries, cultural events and literary cafés. An advocate for the preservation of the Creole language in Réunion, Treuthardt defied the official ban and wrote his first book of poetry in 1978., a long poem written entirely in Creole, Kozman Maloya. He has also been a militant campaigner for community life for over thirty years, promoting through his poetry the culture of Réunion.


Treuthardt is promotes the concept of the kabar-poem in poetry workshops and disadvantaged areas. This type of poetry, which is growing in popularity, is often sustained and punctuated by musicians and comprises Dans l'essence-même du kabar, la parole est tout à la fois poétique et politique, engagée .speech that is poetic but essentially underpinned by a political commitment. Other major works by Treuthardt include Wati Wati (1978), Korbéydor (1990), The Rides of the Earth (1995) and Konpliman my louse K (2000), among others.


Treuthardt is one of the founding members of Ziskakan (1979), one of the most famous bands in the island. Aujourd'hui, il existe une demande de plus en plus forte de kabar-poèm grâce aux nombreux évènements culturels tels Le Printemps des Poètes, La Semaine créole, La Fête du livre, 20 Désanm et les lectures publiques en Médiathèques. Treuthardt has participated in various international literary gatherings including the Book Fair of Le Mans, the International Poetry in Marseille, Lyon Creole Week, the Festival Tales of Joinville, the House of Poetry in Grenoble, the Festival of Poetry Indianocéanique 2003, the Festival-AFH (Arts for Humanity) in 2010, Durban, the Week of French Language in Jaipur (India) 2009 and many others.