Uzinzo-South-AfricaA Cape Town-based artist born in the Eastern Cape in Mqanduli, Uzinzo, whose birth name is Simlindile Sityebi, obtained his BA Honours in Filmmaking from AFDA Film School. Uzinzo began appearing in the Cape Town music scene in 2005 as part of Ancient Maps, a soul/hip hop/reggae duo known for its conscious and spiritual vibes, of which he was also co-founder.


Uzinzo has appeared on Cape Town poetry platforms and live radio broadcasts such as Pan African Space Station, Bush Radio and UCT Radio. He is currently on tour between Zimbabwe and Malawi, promoting his debut solo album,When Good Thoughts Begin to Lead.


With poetry that looks at life holistically - from family to community - Uzinzo’s poetry is also personal in that it represents the struggles and victories of a young African man in modern day society; it is poetry that is a declaration of his stance, his identity and his spirituality. Uzinzo is currently seeking to publish two of his poetry books.


Of his worldviews, Uzinzo states: “I hold a global view of life, which is to say I acknowledge other people in other places and their realities, yet at the same time I am very rooted to my immediate and indigenous traditions and culture.” He continues to assert: “I am an advocate for progressive relations between nations. I believe that freedom is paramount, and I detest with passion any form of injustice.”


Of his poetry, Bofelo states, “I write under no commission. I write not merely to reflect the world as it is or ought to be. I also write the world as it exists in my dreams and nightmares, fantasies and fears.”