GouslayeBorn in the island of Reunion Island, France, GOUSLAYE started writing songs, with words addressed to fortune, misfortune, love and death. Between 1997 and 2008, he practised various jobs, including working as an environmental police officer, a salesman specializing in the sale of comics and as a storekeeper, among others.

Since 2008, Gouslaye has been devoted to poetic creation, around the time he discovered slam. He has since been regularly invited by schools, colleges and associations to hold workshops and talks aimed at demonstrating that poetry is within everyone’s reach. In 2009, he was a singing member of a musical group that was the opening act of the annual Sakifo Music Festival.

Between 2010 and 2012, Gouslaye was commissioned for the An Grène Kouler/ Pouring Down in Pellets Association, the Abbé Pierre Foundation and the reading centre of l'Entre-Deux. He also contributed text for Vavanger(s)/ Wanderer(s), this year’s festival closing musical act.

At present, Gouslaye continues conducting workshop, as well as implementing and editing numerous projects. He is also promoting a show titled Kabar Slam Fonnker Dessiné/ The Case of the Slam and Heartfelt Cry Bar, with drawings entitled Kartié Boinoir, Lilèt Zinzin/ The Dark Woods District Where the Island is Barmy, which is a blend of rhythms, words and paintbrush strokes.

Of his relationship to poetry, Gouslaye poetically articulates : ''If a butterfly I were, a myriad of colours would be mine, but all clad in green, I verily fear lest I be just a mere cicada. I’m a lucky dog and the ants are my auxiliairies when I’m at work, as I do nothing but create musical phrases…”