PoppyseedBorn Angela Harvey, Poppy Seed is a performance poet whose poetry and music educates, entertains and inspires. Poppy Seed is a creative thinker with 20 years’ experience of working within further education, and creative media, with lyrics which have been defined as being on the cusp of song and poetry. Committed to human rights, she uses her art to highlight social justice campaigns and to celebrate cultural diversity.

Poppy Seed describes her poetic work as a style of ‘sing/say’ that focuses on the melody, rhythm, and resonance of words to address social, political and environmental issues. Often integrally composed with original musical accompaniment, Poppy Seed believes this working together of poetry and music enhances themes and adds another layer of artistic expression. Her poetry can however stand alone on the page, as poignantly demonstrated in her book Poetry for Phases, Stages, & Pages: Oyster Child, published in 2011 (AuthorHouse).

Poppy Seed’s music has coloured soundtracks, most recently  Motherland, an award-winning film about the incredulous journey of African people, for which she won awards including Best Poet from Black Women in the Arts UK, and the Nina Simone Award for Black Women in Jazz in 2009.

Coming Through is the title of Poppy Seed’s latest release, which offers an audio taste of her unique genre.

Poppy Seed has always found herself being asked to mentor or advise young people. She states that “it always proved more beneficial for people to find their own solutions and often just needed to be asked the right questions.”

Poppy Seed spent the past 6 months based in South Africa and is currently networking, script-writing, teaching, presenting events and collaborating with artistes.