in collaboration with artSpace


The 2014 JOMBA! Festival is proud to be presenting its 2nd year of performance collaboration with artSpace (durban). Join us on Thursday 4 September @ 6.30pm for the premier of Boyzie Cekwana’s newest dance theatre offering made especially for artSpace – you are able to get up close and personal!

Love Letters Locking Lips/5km of Marshmallows

Concept: Boyzie Cekwana

Performers: Boyzie Cekwana and guests

Video: Lungile Cekwana

Musical Love Duet: Fiona Grayer and Alejandro Pradenas

Costumes & things: Boyzie Cekwana

“Love songs, love letters, love bites, or is it bytes? This is an experimental poem in loving memory of the poetic love lyric, on paper, in the body or in cheesy love songs. It is an explorative experiment in the various expressions of love and loving, in tender or violent articulations. Raw is the impulse, tentative and translucent the expression. This is a melody on the loving excavation of a memory of those once significant passages that meant something but have since paled into the ubiquitous, all conquering and terrifying paleness of ‘cheesy’. Welcome to the marshmallow sea. This performance project is an experiment in attempting to marry disparate thematics tied to a common centre; that of relation, in as many permutations as possible. Central to this is a desire to revisit the simple expression of relating, through sound, body, written and/or spoken word.” -Boyzie Cekwana

Boysie-Cekwana DSC4375a